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Forensics by the Stars: Astrology InvestigatesDetectives and CSI crews may work for weeks, months, sometimes years searching and piecing together forensic evidence to find the vital clues in solving a crime. With the use of planetary positions, houses, fixed stars and Arabic parts, forensic astrology gives investigators a head-start in discovering valuable information that can hasten crime solving.

In Forensics by the Stars, author B. D. Salerno, an astrologer for more than twenty years, provides insight into the fascinating world of solving crimes and understanding both natural and manmade disasters by applying astrological science to interpreting event charts and revealing the clues they contain.

Providing interesting insights, Forensics by the Stars analyzes the murder of Marilyn Monroe, the Lindbergh kidnapping, several missing person’s cases, and a number of natural and manmade disasters. Salerno explains how to interpret the event horoscopes and astrologic charts to help understand the outcome of certain events. Like threads of carpeting, blood spatter, or fingerprints, forensic astrology can reveal an astonishing amount of detail about an event.